Jason Kelce thrived in Philly because he understood and appreciated Eagles fans

Jason Kelce's retirement speech touched on many different moments from his football career and life. It was very well written; he's far more brilliant than the image of a shirtless beer guzzler in Buffalo would suggest.

He also understands exactly what it takes to thrive in Philadelphia. The fans have a reputation for being a little demanding. A little cantankerous. A little hostile.

But it all comes from the thing that makes every fan tick. They want to win. They want the players and coaches and executives and owners to want to win as badly as they do. They want to feel that vibe emanating from every level of an organization.

That's why they got worse — or perhaps better — after winning a Super Bowl. They experienced the feeling of standing up on top of the mountain and looking around. They want it again. Badly.

Kelce understands it. He embraced it during his time with the team. It's the give-a-shit factor. Eagles fans give more of a shit than any other sports city. They want those who represent the city to give as much of a shit as the fans do.

That's the key. That's how to crack the code in the town with the broken Liberty Bell. If you play for a Philadelphia sports team, show in all that you do that winning is as important to you as it is to them. Prove, in all you do, that you fully and completely give a shit.

Jason Kelce did that, for 13 years. That's why he'll be remembered and beloved by Philadelphia fans forever.