Jason Kelce comes to defense of Tom Brady and Patriots for past scandals

Former seven-time NFL Pro Bowler Jason Kelce has no issues with Deflategate or Spygate. Quite the contrary, he believes Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were smart for using every avenue at their disposal to win football games.

Keep in mind, Brady has always vehemently denied purposely deflating footballs to gain a competitive advantage. There were also several holes in the NFL’s investigation that ultimately ended with the legendary quarterback being suspended for four regular season games.

However, taking it at face value, Kelce, who admitted to skirting the rules in weightlifting competitions, believes Brady was just being smart, if that’s how the situation really played out.

“I don’t even think Tom should have gotten in trouble for deflating footballs,” Kelce told his brother, Travis Kelce, on an episode of the “New Heights” podcast. “I’m pro deflating footballs. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. I am pro deflating footballs. He outsmarted people. Why the [expletive] does it matter how much air is in that [expletive]? If you’re throwing it and catching it, who the [expletive] cares?

“We’re all mad because he had the common sense to [expletive] take a little air out so that his receivers could catch the [expletive] thing? Why is that against the rules? Y’all could have taken the air out, too. You guys could have taken the air out, too. You just weren’t smart enough. So why am I getting penalized because you’re [expletive] dummies? It’s a rule. It’s a stupid rule, though.”

Not only did Kelce defend Brady, but he also defended the Patriots organization as a whole for Spygate as well. The team was fined $250,000 and docked a first-round draft pick for the incident, while former coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000.

“You’re in trouble for stealing our signs. You were [expletive] doing signals. You expected us not to look?” said Kelce.

There are a bunch of varying opinions on Spygate and whether it was blown out of proportion. Yet, the truth remains that none of these controversies stopped Brady and the Patriots from winning championships and being successful.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire