Jason Heyward made a catch so incredible, the batter had to applaud him

Michael Allardyce
NBC Sports Chicago

The Chicago Cubs were trying to mount a comeback late in Friday's game against the Cincinnati Reds when a Jose Peraza ball to right-center field with two batters on base threatened to extend the Reds' lead. 

Enter Jason Heyward... who came in diving from right center to make the catch, ending the inning and keeping the Cubs within two runs.

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The catch was so spectacular that Peraza had to stop and applaud Heyward's catch as he stopped and turned to head back to the dugout.

Game recognize game. Even when rivals within your division make incredible plays, sometimes you have to stop and acknowledge greatness when you see it.

"This is perfection," NBC Sports Chicago's Doug Glanville said of the catch on the broadcast. "This is full extension with no room for error. You can see how he protects the ball. He catches and watch him pull the glove up to protect the ball and make sure it stays in the pocket the best it can because he knows if he rolls he's risking injury or losing  the ball.

"Full out extension. Fantastic play by Jason Heyward."

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