Jason Campbell's advice to Dwayne Haskins: 'Just be ready'

Ethan Cadeaux
·3 min read

Jason Campbell says Dwayne Haskins 'better be ready' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

For the first time since he was relegated to third-string quarterback ahead of Week 5, Dwayne Haskins is expected to be active for Washington's game next week against Detroit.

Kyle Allen, who replaced Haskins over a month ago, suffered a gruesome leg injury against New York Sunday and will be sidelined indefinitely. Head coach Ron Rivera said postgame that Alex Smith will be Washington's starter moving forward, with Haskins serving as the No. 2 behind him.

With Haskins just one play away from returning to action, former Washington quarterback Jason Campbell says the 2019 first-round pick "better be ready" if his number is called upon again.

"He better be ready. That's all I have to say because he's definitely being watched," Campbell said on Washington Football Postgame Live.

Both of Smith's performances this season have come in relief of Allen. Now, for the first time since November 2018, he'll have a full week's worth of practice as the starting quarterback.

Campbell isn't sure Smith's time as the team's starting quarterback will last that long, however, meaning Haskins could be thrown back into the mix rather quickly.

"Right now, Coach Rivera is sticking with Alex because he's saying, 'hey, we haven't really given Alex a fair [chance],'" Campbell said. "Both times he had to come into the game was off the bench. Now giving him a fresh week to start to see how he handles the week and going into games. He wanted to simplify all options."

But, as Smith saw firsthand Sunday, Haskins is now just one play away from playing once again.

With Washington only halfway through its season, there's a chance Haskins will get another opportunity this season to prove to Rivera that he is worth building around for the future.

"Once they feel like that maybe it's time to move on to the future and give Haskins a shot, they have no reason to turn back to anyone else," Campbell said. "At that point in time, they're really going to see what they have in him moving forward to next year. Because they could have traded him if they really wanted to. And the fact that they didn't goes to show me that they do still have something that they want to see out of him."

If Haskins does get a second chance to prove himself to the staff, Campbell says the second-year passer must be a lot more prepared to seize the opportunity than he was before.

"He's got to prepare. The next time his opportunity comes, it can't be time to be looking around and saying this. He needs to be preparing hard," Campbell said. "Because you're always one play away and you never know when that play is going to happen. Don't wait to get ready, just be ready."