Jase Richardson dishes on Michigan St., learning from dad Jason

Yahoo Sports' Krysten Peek sits down with Jase Richardson, the eldest son of former NBA player Jason Richardson. The junior guard talks all things recruiting including his unofficial visits to Michigan State and Arkansas and other schools he plans on getting to this spring and summer.

Video Transcript

KRYSTEN PEEK: I'm Krysten Peek here with Jase Richardson, 2024 combo guard of Bishop Gorman. We're in Las Vegas for the Tarkanian Classic. Jase, you are back on the court after having knee surgery. How does it feel to be back out there, kind of getting minutes and everything?

JASE RICHARDSON: No, I'm just blessed to be back out there. It's been a long eight, nine months. And I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be back out there with my guys.

KRYSTEN PEEK: I mean, I know how frustrating it was for you to not be on the court playing through the summer and earlier in the season. But what did you learn through that adversity? And how has that kind of made you a better player?

JASE RICHARDSON: You know, just not take anything for granted. Sitting out that time, I just realized how blessed I was to have the opportunity to play basketball at such a high level. So definitely miss it for sure.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Yeah, you're just a junior, so you still have plenty of time. But how's the whole recruitment process been going?

JASE RICHARDSON: It's been going great. I've been hearing from some of the same schools that have been offering me. They've been telling me how they want me to fit into their program, how I could play in their programs.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Yeah. What are some of the schools that have been hitting you the hardest lately?



JASE RICHARDSON: Arkansas. Michigan State. Cincinnati's been hitting me a lot. It's just been a lot of schools.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Have they all offered, or have they just showing interest and saying they want to see more of you?

JASE RICHARDSON: Most of all of them have offered.

KRYSTEN PEEK: And I know you took was-- it a unofficial or official visit to Michigan State?


KRYSTEN PEEK: Official visit. You know, your dad played there. He was kind of a legend, won a national title. What was it like being on that campus and taking an official visit?

JASE RICHARDSON: You know, just like talking to Izzo, learning about all the past things my dad's did there, listening to his teammates, hearing the stories about what they did up there. It's amazing to be out there.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Any specific story? Any funny story that stood out?

JASE RICHARDSON: I think it was the-- they were playing at North Carolina, and my dad got a dunk on Brendan Haywood. And Izzo was talking about how he didn't think he was gonna make it. So that was one of the funniest stories I probably heard.

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK, and then how is Izzo saying that you could come in and kind of fit their system with the guards that he developed?

JASE RICHARDSON: You know, they want their guards to facilitate, get to the basket if they have to. And I think I fit that pretty well.

KRYSTEN PEEK: USC is another school you mentioned. What's been their message to you?

JASE RICHARDSON: Message to me, you know, just they're not gonna go away. They're gonna be relentless on the recruiting process, and they're not gonna leave until my decision's been made.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Arkansas and the SEC, I mean, they've got two really good guards, freshmen right now with Nick Smith, Jr., and Anthony Black. What do you like about that program, and how they kind of have that run-and-gun style?

JASE RICHARDSON: Watching them all year, they've been playing amazing. Nick Smith and Anthony Black, they've been controlling and setting the pace for the team. I like systems that let their guards run.

KRYSTEN PEEK: And I know you're a very good student. You're taking honors class. I know Stanford has offered. One of their assistant coaches was here watching you play. What do you like about possibly playing at Stanford and in the Pac-12?

JASE RICHARDSON: You know, Stanford, it's a great school. There's nothing much to say, but they've been pretty solid this year. I also like their play style as well.

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK. And any other schools that you kind of want to get to in the spring?

JASE RICHARDSON: I think I'm probably gonna go to Arkansas again. Try to make that trip again.

KRYSTEN PEEK: You've been already on a unofficial?


KRYSTEN PEEK: What was that like?

JASE RICHARDSON: Man, the fan atmosphere is crazy out there. They're ride or die for their Hogs. So that's amazing.

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK. And your little brother, Jaxon, is a freshman. He's playing high school ball with you. What's it like for you two to be teammates during the season?

JASE RICHARDSON: This is the first time I've actually ever played with him. So, you know, I'm just really happy to be out there. Any single time he scores, I'm probably the most energetic person after he scores. I love him, and I just love playing with him.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Your dad played 14 years in the NBA. What have you learned from him, just going through this process, and how he reads the game and everything?

JASE RICHARDSON: Don't rush it. He's got the keys. He's got the keys to the car. I'm just listening to whatever he's got to say.

So learning from him, it's definitely a great experience. You know, he's been at the level I want to be at. So he's got the blueprint laid out for me.

KRYSTEN PEEK: I mean, he can still get up and down the court. You guys have any epic one-on-one battles?

JASE RICHARDSON: Man, we haven't had one-on-one since I had surgery. But I think I could get him now. You know, I think we have to run it. We have to run it, for sure.

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK. All right, and then, as for the recruitment part, what's most important to you when you're looking and trying to finalize a school, when you start cutting down the list?

JASE RICHARDSON: I'll probably start cutting down the list sometime during the EYBL season. But I'm just looking at a school that believes I can come in as a freshman and make an impact.

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK. And then, is this something that where it's like if you feel like it's the right fit, you'll pull the plug and commit? Or do you want to see how teams develop, and what recruiting classes, how they start to take shape and go the distance?

JASE RICHARDSON: No, I'm probably just gonna wait it out and see what's going on with transfer portal and all that. So we're just gonna see what happens.

KRYSTEN PEEK: All right, well, like I said, you still have plenty of time. You're just a junior. So just enjoy the process, all right? [LAUGHS]


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