Jarvis Landry shows off big (lefty) arm on pretty TD pass to OBJ against Cowboys

Odell Beckham continues to haunt the Dallas Cowboys, but he did it in a slightly different way Sunday — by catching a touchdown pass from another wide receiver.

The Cleveland Browns took an early 7-0 lead on the Cowboys by pulling out some fancy trickery: Baker Mayfield took the snap, tossed it to Nick Chubb, who flipped it to Jarvis Landry, who hit Beckham 37 yards downfield for a pretty TD pass from the lefthander.

(Kudos to Mayfield for running some interference, too, as a pass blocker on the play.)

It was the first TD pass by a non-quarterback this season. And it was the first TD pass of Landry’s NFL career. It’s also good to see a lefty slinging a pass in an NFL games these days.

Landry is now 3-of-6 passing in his career for 109 yards and the one TD, with zero interceptions. If this Mayfield thing doesn’t work out, we think Landry might make a better-than-expected replacement.

And for Beckham, it was his sixth — and later, his seventh — touchdown reception against Dallas in this his eighth appearance against them. Touchdown No. 2 on Sunday came on a 4-yard pass, this time from Mayfield.

Beckham no longer plays in the NFL East, but he might wish he still did. He’s now halfway to his 2019 season total of four touchdowns with two so far in 2020.

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