Jarvis Landry has hip surgery, changed his mind after feeling pain at Pro Bowl

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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry announced on Thursday morning that he’d recently undergone surgery to repair his injured hip.

Landry posted a video to Instagram to update the world on his status, and it included a surprising amount of information — including some footage of what seems to be his surgeon walking him through the procedure.

The news that Landry had surgery was surprising since he was adamant over the past few months about surgery being a last resort. In the video, Landry explained why he’d changed his mind. He’d taken a few weeks off leading up to the Pro Bowl and expected to feel better once he got out there. Instead, he felt pain, and knew that he needed to get it fixed.

Landry had actually been playing hurt during the entire season — his hip injury is the result of a fractured sacrum that happened almost a year ago. He estimated that he was playing about “75 to 80 percent” healthy last season, which makes Landry’s 2019 season even more incredible. He was one of the bright spots on the disappointing Browns in 2019, tallying a team-high (and career-best) 1,174 yards on 83 receptions — all with an injured hip.

The surgery was performed on Feb. 4, and Landry is expected to be healthy and ready to play at some point during training camp this summer.

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