Jarred Vanderbilt and Cam Reddish seen at Rico Hines run

The summer is going by quickly, yet in some ways, it seems like it is proceeding slowly. There is still a month to go before training camp, and this is the time of the offseason when NBA players start to truly ramp up their preparation for the new season.

While in July they may do general strength and conditioning work, during the second half of the summer they will get down to more sport-specific work. That means playing some actual basketball with and against others from around the league, either by finding a local gym or taking part in some more organized scrimmages.

Former University of California, Los Angeles guard and current Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Rico Hines has hosted some scrimmages at his alma mater. The other day, Jarred Vanderbilt and Cam Reddish of the Los Angeles Lakers were spotted taking part in them.

Although Vanderbilt became a key part of the Lakers soon after arriving in a February trade, he still has to prove he can hit the perimeter shot consistently enough to not get forced out of their rotation. Meanwhile, Reddish, a former lottery pick, hasn’t proven thus far that he is a quality NBA player, although the natural talent and ability are there.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire