Jared Verse reveals the advice Aaron Donald gave him a few years ago

Aaron Donald is no longer on the Rams’ roster, but he’s still having a positive effect on the team he spent the last 10 seasons with. In addition to helping Kobie Turner and Byron Young last year when they were rookies, he worked with the Rams’ newest player, Jared Verse, a few years ago.

After Verse was selected by the Rams at No. 19 overall, he met with the media for the first time and revealed that he had a Zoom call with Donald in the past. During that call, Donald shared some valuable advice for the young edge rusher.

He told Verse that he doesn’t need to have “a huge arsenal of moves,” and that he only needs a few good ones that he executes “to the highest level.” Donald, ever the aggressive pass rusher, reminded Verse that “aggression beats everything.”

Though Donald and Verse play different positions, the goal of any pass rusher is the same: to beat the blocker across from you and pressure the quarterback. Donald made a living in opposing backfields and the hope is that Verse can do the same from his outside linebacker position.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire