Jared Verse and Braden Fiske are thrilled to be teammates again: ‘It’s unbelievable’

Jared Verse and Braden Fiske both went into the draft as projected top-50 picks, but they probably didn’t expect the same team to draft both of them. The two Florida State defenders had a big impact for the Seminoles and they’ll try to continue that as members of the Los Angeles Rams.

After the Rams drafted Jared verse with the 19th overall pick, they came back on Day 2 and selected Fiske at No. 39 overall following a trade up from the 52nd pick. Coincidentally, Verse had just gotten to the Rams’ draft headquarters when the selection of Fiske happened.

Needless to say, he was thrilled to learn his former FSU teammate was joining him in Southern California as the newest member of the Rams.

Verse then went on Twitter and shared his excitement with his followers, posting a photo of himself and Fiske in their FSU uniforms.

Fiske was equally pumped about the chance to remain teammates with Verse. He called it “unbelievable and “a blessing,” mentioning how he and Verse talked about the possibility of playing together in the NFL.

Now they’ll get that chance.

The Rams always look for diligent workers and players who love football, which both Verse and Fiske do. Fiske told reporters that he and Verse would be watching film late at night together, pushing each other to be better and better.

Fiske quickly learned after arriving at FSU in 2023 that he wanted to stay around Verse for his work ethic.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire