Jared Sullinger cites ‘Good Burger’ to sum up working at Taco Bell for charity

Here's Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger — whose rehabilitation from season-ending back surgery reportedly continues apace — describing the experience of chipping in during the lunch rush at a Revere, Mass., Taco Bell on Wednesday as part of a New England-wide effort to sell $1 Doritos Locos Tacos with the net proceeds benefiting The One Fund Boston, the charity set up to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings:

As someone who fondly remembers the subtle comedy stylings of Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell and the cast of "All That," this pleases me nearly as much as all this Amanda Bynes business saddens me. Keeping the spirit of "Good Burger" alive is something we should be doing year-round, and not only on every July 25 (the day it was released in 1997, duh). The folks behind the Good Burger Wiki can't bear this burden alone; we all need to pitch it. Good on you, Sully.

And, obviously, good on you for supporting The One Fund by slingin' some DLTs. We don't know how much the daylong T-Bell effort raised, but thanks to Ira Kantor of the Boston Herald, we do know that the Revere franchise where Sullinger worked for a couple of hours was donating $25,000 to the fund, which has raised more than $37.6 million since its inception. Tasty stuff, all the way around.

Hat-tip to @JennaRathke.