Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump ‘in a world of s**t’ after moving to DC


President Donald Trump’s tenure in office has reportedly been a rocky time for daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, whom one family insider has said are “in a world of s**t.” 

“He may seem cool, but he’s sweating, and she’s like her father," a source close to the family told  Vanity Fair in a new story looking back at the couple's first year in D.C. "She’ll never acknowledge it and [will] blame the media. But she’s been working on her reputation forever, and now it’s going to suffer horrifically. And for what?” 

As the piece points out, their initial ascent in Washington was marked by a hope that they would provide a moderating perspective within the administration, but they have since been dogged by a lack of big victories, constant criticisms, and legal woes.

In fact, Ivanka has spoken about the backlash she has experienced.

“Some people have created unrealistic expectations of what they expect from me,”  she told the Financial Times in September. “That my presence in and of itself would carry so much weight with my father that he would abandon his core values and the agenda that the American people voted for when they elected him…It’s not going to happen.”

Her father has since defended her, saying earlier this month that “Ivanka has been treated very unfairly.” 

Ivanka and Jared’s path into politics has also reportedly affected many of their prior relationships. 

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Kushner appears to have even cut ties with some friends who expressed their dismay about the election. He told Forbes late last year, “I call it an exfoliation. Anyone who was willing to change a friendship or not do business because of who somebody supports in politics is not somebody who has a lot of character.”

But an earlier Vanity Fair piece from October suggested he and Ivanka may be the ones getting snubbed by the D.C. elite and their former New York associates. 

Despite the challenges both of their brands have faced since joining the administration, and the Russia investigation which looms over Kushner, they are reportedly continuing to work on key issues like child tax credits and others. 


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