Jared Goff: Record for consecutive passes without an interception isn't on my mind

From 2019-2020, quarterback Jared Goff had 38 giveaways — second-most in the league behind Jameis Winston.

But since midway through the 2022 season, Goff has been a shining example of ball security.

Dating back to Week 9 of last year, the Lions' QB1 has thrown 359 consecutive passes without an interception. That's the third-most in NFL history. Aaron Rodgers threw 402 consecutive passes without a pick in 2018 and Tom Brady threw 399 without one last year.

But when asked about the no-pick streak this week, Goff said that while a lot of factors have contributed to it, it’s not on his mind at all.

“It’s really not,” Goff said in his press conference. “It’s been a lot of things. Obviously, we’ve been playing well, taking care of the ball and then there’s a lot of luck in it. We have balls batted that hit the ground that doesn’t always happen, so yeah, there’s a lot of a few different things.

“But if I’m taking care of the ball, [we] usually win games, so I’ve got to keep doing that.”

When a reporter asked how it feels to be in a category with Rodgers and Brady, Goff responded, “I haven’t thought about it once.”

“It’s cool, yeah, it’s a cool thing and [I'll] look back on it one day, but if you told me it kept going and we’d lost games, I don’t care,” Goff said. “I’m just trying to win games and being a part of that formula, sure, it’s helped, but it’s not by any means the focus.”

Moreover, Goff said the team hasn’t talked about the streak at all.

“We talk about winning and again, it’s become a byproduct of taking care of the ball and typically it always is. But yeah, there’s a lot of luck, there’s a lot of those guys making catches, a lot of the defense not making catches,” Goff said. “So yeah, it’s been a good thing, but not on my mind.”

Last week, Goff threw 35 passes in Detroit’s 21-20 victory over Kansas City. If he gets to 44 without a pick in Sunday’s game against Seattle, he’ll etch his name above Rodgers in the NFL record book.