Jared Goff got the security and the no-trade clause he wanted in his new contract

Jared Goff officially signed his new contract extension with the Detroit Lions on Thursday morning. To celebrate, Detroit’s franchise quarterback held a press conference to discuss the newfound $200-plus million deal.

Despite the gaudy figures in the deal, which will pay him an average of $53 million per season through 2028, Goff insisted it wasn’t the money that was important to him.

“It was mostly security,” Goff stated. “I think you can go back and forth on the numbers and whatnot, but that wasn’t really the thing that was something that I was ever extremely concerned with. (It was) the security and the no-trade clause.”

The no-trade clause was not something that was widely disseminated about Goff’s new deal.

That’s certainly a credible angle for Goff, who was traded to Detroit not long after signing his last contract extension with the Los Angeles Rams. More control over his own fate is something that clearly appealed to Goff, as was the desire to finish his revitalized career in a Lions uniform.

“This city means so much to me now and it will hold a special place in my heart forever,” Goff said. “I just want to win for them. I want to win for these fans.”

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire