Jared Goff on new deal: Security, no-trade clause were biggest factors for me

A trade brought Jared Goff to Detroit, but it's not something he wants to go through twice.

Goff's massive contract extension with the team was officially announced on Thursday morning and Goff got a chance to talk about it at a press conference a short time later. Early in the session, he was asked what was most important to him in his talks with the team.

The practical guarantees in the contract come to more than $148 million, but Goff said that the size of his payout wasn't his main motivation. Goff said that getting a no-trade clause that ensures he will be in Detroit or, should things go off the rails, able to control where he would go next.

"It was mostly security," Goff said. "You can go back and forth on the numbers and whatnot, and that wasn’t really the thing that was ever something extremely concerned with. The security, the no-trade clause and all that stuff — knowing that was in there. Feeling secure and knowing that I can now put that behind me and be excited about what’s to come."

Goff said he still thinks he plays "best when I'm being doubted," but admitted that the size and structure of his new deal means he'll have to be a bit more inventive when it comes to finding doubts about his place among the league's quarterbacks.