Jared Goff on Dak Prescott’s contract: “He deserves everything coming his way”

Mike Florio

Rams quarterback Jared Goff, the first overall pick in 2016, has a contract with a new-money average of $33.5 million per year. Will he be surprised if 2016 fourth-rounder Dak Prescott leapfrogs Goff financially?

“No, not at all,” Goff told reporters on Wednesday. “He’s a great player and he deserves everything coming his way.”

It’s still unclear when it’s coming Prescott’s way. With only three regular-season games left, it’s highly unlikely that the impasse will be broken before the offseason. Besides, the Cowboys have more immediate problems, like their 6-7 record, three-game losing streak, and first-place tie with the Eagles for the NFC East crown.

Prescott currently leads the league in passing yardage, with 4,122 — putting him on pace for a rare 5,000-yard season. Prescott could choose to reject any long-term offers and play under the franchise tag on a year-to-year basis. That would set the stage for a potential mess for the Cowboys in 2022, when they’d have to choose whether the pay an exorbitant amount for the franchise tag (a 44-percent bump over a 2021 tag likely in excess of $32 million), sign him to a long-term deal, use the transition tag (which would still be a pretty penny, at 20 percent above his 2021 tag number), or let him hit the market.

The Rams gave Goff a new contract entering the fourth year of a five-year deal. Earlier in the season, it appeared that they’d soon regret it. The Cowboys may soon regret not getting Dak’s deal done earlier, because however it plays out from this point forward it looks like the Cowboys will be writing much bigger checks than they would have, if they’d been more willing to pay Prescott before the expiration of his rookie deal.

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