Jared Cook completely checks out on route that results in pick-6 for Chiefs

Jason Owens

The 2018 NFL season can’t end soon enough in Oakland.

For tight end Jared Cook, that apparently means checking out with more than three quarters left to play against the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s season finale. While he’s on the field.

A pass play from Derek Carr resulted in a pick-six for the Chiefs when safety Daniel Sorensen jumped Cook’s route on a second-down play near midfield in the first quarter.

Well. Calling it a route is generous.

Cook’s lack of effort leads to Chiefs TD

Cook lined up wide on the play and casually jogged off the line of scrimmage at the snap before slowing to a walk before Carr looked his way. By the time Carr released the ball, Cook had almost come to a complete stop and wasn’t looking in the direction of the pass.

Sorensen was, and he ended up with the second defensive touchdown of his career as a result.

Jared Cook did not appear interested in playing football on Sunday. (Getty)
Jared Cook did not appear interested in playing football on Sunday. (Getty)

Play looked to be designed for Cook

The play appeared to be designed with Cook as the first option. He got a one-on-one matchup with a safety, and Carr immediately looked in his direction. But Cook missed the memo that the ball was coming his way. Carr missed the memo that Cook wasn’t paying attention.

Cook has been one of the few bright spots in a miserable year in Oakland that will result with a last-place finish in the AFC West and the team not even knowing where it will play next year.

With free agency looming, he appears to already have his eyes on his next step. They definitely weren’t on the football Sunday.

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