Japanese media invests $1 million in Evo Japan

Michael Martin
Evo 2016 finals at Mandalay Bay (Stephanie Lindgren)
Evo 2016 finals at Mandalay Bay (Stephanie Lindgren)

Evo Japan is officially in business.

Japanese gaming publication 4Gamer announced Aetas, Hearts United Group (a subsidiary of Aetas and the owner of 4Gamer), and Shochiku Broadcasting have invested $1 million into Evo Japan and partnered with SRKX Productions, the parent company of Shoryuken and Evolution Championship Series, put on the event.

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Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey translated and provided context for the announcement late Tuesday night.

Shochiku Broadcasting and Aetas each own 45 percent of Evo Japan, LLP, while Hearts United Group makes up the other 10 percent, giving Aetas majority ownership of the new company.

Evo Japan was announced at Evo 2016 before the start of Street Fighter V’s top 8, which was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center and broadcast on ESPN2.

Despite fighting games’ long history of competition in Japan, professional gamers have found it difficult to earn acceptance and respect outside of the FGC and esports. The willingness to invest in Evo Japan shows the community and esports may finally have caught the attention of Japanese businesses – in this case, its media conglomerates.

More information regarding Evo Japan is expected to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show, site of CPT Premier Event Japan Cup. TGS takes place from September 15-17.

Michael Martin would be more than happy to return to Japan for Evo in 2017. Follow him on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike.

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