Janelle Monae's "Make Me Feel" video is compared to "Black Mirror's" San Junipero episode

You Win Internet

Woooo! Janelle Monae is coming in HOT this Friday! She released the music video for her song Make Me Feel, and boy, it made the internet feel all the feelings.

Mara Wilson wrote, everyone and everything in my life has disappointed me at one time except for Janelle Monae. The praise was unreal for this video - which hit number 1 on youtube.

And there were so many things to love. First of all, Tessa Thompson co stars in the video with Janelle, and they’re all OVER each other. Fans loved it. C wrote Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae. The lesbian couple I never knew I need. And Christina wrote, as a bi woman, it so good and important and powerful to see a music video which represents and empowers it as a sexual identity while also looking incredibly cool.

Then of course there were comparisons. People thought the video looked a lot like Netflix’s Black Mirror - the San Junipero episode. Not gonna lie, there are some similarities. Tha’chella wrote, Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae except they are Kelly and yorkie from san junipero. But the biggest comparison is Janelle and Prince. People couldn’t get over the Prince vibes in the song and video. Ryan wrote, is it just me, or is Janelle Monae the female prince.

And April wrote, Prince in heaven when he heard make me feel. I gotta say - we’ve had a LOT of prince tributes the last few years. JT, Madonna, Bruno - but I agree with Kimberly: Janelle Monae is the only person allowed to do prince tributes now.

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