Jan Vesely is a literal Wizard on a Czech magazine cover, so today, we’re all winners

I don't know much about this Czech basketball magazine that's featuring Washington Wizards forward Jan Vesely on the cover.

I do know its website still prominently features Tim Duncan smiling while swimming with a beluga whale on its front page, despite the fact that that happened in August 2010, which is totally fine, because that's one of the best things that has happened in recent NBA history. I do know that this issue includes a story about Greek basketball club Olympiacos (probably), and that it suggests Vesely might be the star of a new Czech talk show (thanks, Google Translate). And I do know that no Photoshop was used in the creation of this image of Vesely in a wizard hat with a wooden walking stick topped by a glowing basketball scepter. That's about all I know for sure.

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But I'm guessing that Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post's venerable D.C. Sports Bog is correct when she identifies this as one of the greatest magazine covers in Wizards history, and that this is going to be an image that few of us will be able to get out of our minds. I think that's pretty safe, and a pretty good bet to take into our respective weekends.

(Oh, also, I know for sure that I will be referring to Jan Vesely as "Deathly Hallows" from now on. Just FYI.)

(One more thing: The crazy glowing scepter ball is officially back in your court, Jonas Valanciunas, incoming Toronto Raptors rookie and past possible wizard.)

Thank you, so much, @Luke_Mellow.