Jamie Foxx reveals stunt gone wrong on 'Baby Driver'

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Jamie Foxx revealed how a stunt that went wrong on the set of Baby Driver sent him to the doctor. The actor visited Jay Leno’s Garage and said that he and the film’s director, Edgar Wright, both tried to make the chase scenes as realistic as possible. When feasible, Foxx did his own stunts.

During one chase scene, a vehicle was to be rammed under a semi-trailer traveling at 45 miles per hour. Foxx explained that he and Ansel Elgort were in the vehicle when something went wrong. “The first time we did it, windshield breaks. Glass in my eye. I had to go to the doctor for a minute. But I was OK.”

Luckily, Foxx wasn’t seriously injured, and on Jay Leno’s Garage, he brought out his stunt double, Jay Lynch, to show the two men some real stunt driving.

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