Jamie Collins was surprised to hear from Patriots

Josh Alper
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Thursday was a day for returning members of the Patriots to meet with the media as tight end Benjamin Watson and linebacker Jamie Collins both spoke to reporters as the OTA period continued in New England.

Collins was traded from the Patriots to the Browns in 2016 and returned to his first NFL team after Cleveland released him earlier this year. Collins was asked if there were any bad feelings about the end of his initial run with the team and said he doesn’t “live in the past,” but was surprised to hear from the Patriots.

“I was surprised,” Collins said, via Zach Cox of NESN.com. “But then again, I wasn’t, because I’m just a free agent, so obviously a lot of teams are going to contact you or whatever. That’s just the business of the game. I’m always surprised no matter what. I’m surprised right now just being in the position.”

Collins said that his history with the team played a “big factor” in deciding to return to New England and that it is “even more fun” to be on the team now that former teammate Jerod Mayo is one of the team’s assistant coaches.

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