Jamie Apody talks departure from television on 'The Phantastic Sports Show'

PHILADELPHIA - Longtime Philadelphia sports personality Jamie Apody joined The Phantastic Sports Show on Tuesday to discuss her departure from television after 18 years.

"There are so many rumors out there, don't believe the rumors," Apody, a former WPVI sports staple, told Jason Martinze and Breland Moore. "We have a mutual, wonderful respect for each other – that station and me – and, again, it was a long, happy, beautiful relationship that ran its course."

Apody described the outpouring of support she received during her abrupt departure from the Philadelphia sports scene as "unbelievable." Apody added that during her absence she would post photos of herself with her kids on social media as a way of letting fans know she was okay.

"It was one of those weird things where you don't know how much you're appreciated and loved until something like that happens," Apody said. "It's amazing to know that people appreciate that I am me, and I'm real, and you get what you're going to get."

Apody spent nearly two decades at 6ABC, and found herself with a front row seat to some of the biggest Philadelphia sports moments during that time. Now she spends her time as a fan, being able to enjoy games with her children and husband.

"I've never really had much of a chance to sit and watch a Phillies game with [her children], and it was eye-opening and fun as a mom," Apody said.