If James Wiseman avoids being picked by Timberwolves, how far will he fall?

Chase Hughes
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How far could James Wiseman fall if he avoids Minnesota? originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

A recent report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst has a chance to shake up the top of the 2020 NBA Draft, as he revealed on 'The Scoop' podcast that Memphis big man James Wiseman does not want to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who hold the No. 1 overall pick.

Wiseman is considered by most to be a top-three prospect in this draft. Whether Minnesota wants him or not, he is on the short-list of players they are likely considering.

Wiseman, though, apparently sees too much positional overlap with T'Wolves star big man Karl-Anthony Towns. It may remind Washington fans of the 2013 draft when Victor Oladipo wouldn't work out with the Wizards because they already had John Wall and Bradley Beal.

That can happen in the draft sometimes as top prospects have leverage and naturally want to find the best situation for them to succeed. Wiseman evidently does not see a path to stardom in Minnesota.

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There are reasons to believe the Timberwolves would be a better situation that Wiseman thinks, though. For one, Towns plays a different style than Wiseman, who is much more interior oriented. Wiseman doesn't have the outside shot of Towns, who is arguably the best three-point shooting big man in the game.

On offense, Wiseman could patrol the paint and free up Towns to work the perimeter. The inside-outside combination would be very difficult for teams to defend, especially with D'Angelo Russell handling the ball.

With Russell there, you could argue the fit would be worse for LaMelo Ball. It's hard to see how those two could both succeed on the same team as ball-dominant guards.

Wiseman should also consider the alternatives. The second overall pick is held by the Warriors who may not have a similar player to him, but might present a difficult situation for a young player. It may be years before he earns a large role in their offense with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson still in their primes.

The third pick is held by the Hornets, who would give Wiseman an opportunity to play and be an important part of their rotation. But they don't have nearly as much talent as the Timberwolves do and may be in for a lengthy rebuild.

Then it becomes a question of how far is Wiseman willing to fall in the draft to find the perfect situation. Add it all up and maybe he should reconsider his stance. That is, of course, if it even matters, as Georgie's Anthony Edwards appears to be the most likely No. 1 pick.

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