James McCann explains why choosing Mets in free agency was an 'easy decision'

Scott Thompson
·3 min read
James McCann Mets jersey swap TREATED ART
James McCann Mets jersey swap TREATED ART

Normally when teams are go after top free agents on the market, presentations – sometimes in extravagant fashion –take place to entice that player to sign. But not in the Mets’ pursuit of James McCann.

“I didn’t really need any selling,” he said on Thursday while speaking with media for the first time.

As team president Sandy Alderson said, “the excitement around the Mets is self-evident,” and McCann is the latest addition to the team to reiterate that point.

“I think one thing for me personally was really just the direction the New York Mets are headed,” McCann explained. “From the moment that we heard from the Mets this offseason, it was definitely a team that was high on the list just because the guys they already have in the clubhouse, but just the addition of the new owner, Sandy, Jared, all the above. Everything is trending in the right direction so that made the New York Mets obviously a very attractive landing spot. Just the conversations that were had through the course of the offseason leading up to the signing, it really just kinda pushed it over the edge and made it an easy decision.”

McCann wouldn’t elaborate on how many teams were at the top of his list, but the Mets were always there. And why wouldn’t it be for a catcher that can be behind the dish for a Cy Young winner in Jacob deGrom and many other solid arms?

But this decision was one McCann actually prayed would be easy because it isn’t always that way for free agents. Simply put, he put it in God’s hands as he did in the past.

“I grew up in Santa Barbara, California and I ended up at the University of Arkansas for college. As an 18-year-old I couldn’t have told you why that happened, but it did because I didn’t word for the reason and it was kinda one of those things where God took me there,” said McCann. “That was my prayer this entire offseason that my decision would be easy and that God would show me where I was supposed to be and he made that decision easy for me.”

Alderson added: “It came toward the end of the process, the negotiating process, and what struck me was how our side and James had already made an assumption that this was going to happen. So it wasn’t really a selling job as much as it was providing information, and I think comfort to James about what we had to offer.”

So, for lack of better words, it appears to be a match made in heaven – one that McCann can’t wait to start.

“I’m very blessed, my wife, my kids, my parents, really everyone from top to bottom couldn’t be more excited to start and I look forward to the next four as a New York Met and see how many championships we can get during that time frame,” he said.