James Harden will be forever haunted by the ghost of Wesley Johnson's ankles

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James Harden looks down on his works while <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/27701/" data-ylk="slk:Wesley Johnson">Wesley Johnson</a> despairs. (Screencap via NBA)
James Harden looks down on his works while Wesley Johnson despairs. (Screencap via NBA)

Reasonable people can disagree as to whether or not James Harden is right that this is the Houston Rockets’ year to win the NBA championship. One thing about which there can be no disagreement, though: in the first quarter of Wednesday’s matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers, Harden became the sole legal owner of Wesley Johnson’s ankles, as well as his immortal soul:

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With a between-the-legs dribble, one dribble to his left, a hard plant, a push-the-pile shoulderblock and a vicious signature step-back, Harden transmogrified the bones, joints, tendons and cartilage connecting Johnson’s legs and feet into tapioca, banishing the Clipper forward to a dimension previously unknown to the rest of us here on this mortal coil. Then, as everyone processed what had just happened and Johnson struggled to find his way back to Earth Prime, Harden took two full beats, spun the ball in his left hand, and waited for Milos Teodosic to rush past his fallen comrade to try to defend in his stead.

Then, Harden popped a 3-pointer in the eyes of every Clipper, every Clipper fan, every Clipper fan’s friends, and everyone who’s ever associated in any professional or personal context with Wesley Johnson.

“Someone call someone, because there’s just been a clean-up on Aisle 3,” said play-by-play man Craig Ackerman. Or, failing that, someone call an adult. Wes could’ve used one, because that other boy with the giant beard is being very, very mean. (Someone also better call some extra security down to the locker-room area at Staples Center. We’ve seen this movie before.)

Harden outscored the Clippers by himself, 17-12, in the first quarter. Beating up on a team playing the second game of a back-to-back, and submitting a Dunk of the Year nominee that isn’t even a dunk by turning Wesley Johnson into a meme, won’t necessarily win you MVP. But they sure as hell don’t hurt.

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