James Harden pays homage to LeBron James' infamous shorts suit with his own outlandish version

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James Harden may have trolled <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/3704/" data-ylk="slk:LeBron James">LeBron James</a> by wearing suit shorts. (Images via Getty)
James Harden may have trolled LeBron James by wearing suit shorts. (Images via Getty)

Houston Rockets guard James Harden has a lot of admiration for Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Either that, or Harden decided to have some fun at James’ expense prior to Thursday’s game.

Harden did his best James impression by showing up to the game wearing a matching suit coat with shorts.

This certainly seems like a callback to Game 1 of the NBA finals, where James showed up to the game wearing a suit coat with shorts. Despite people tearing apart that fashion choice, James showed up to Game 2 of the finals once again wearing suit shorts.

Now that Harden decided to join in the fun, we have to ask: Who wore it better? James was the originator of all this, and perhaps that gives him a couple bonus points. Willingly wearing the suit shorts for Game 2 despite all the criticism was a bold choice, and perhaps that also nets James a few extra points.

Even with all that, the answer is clearly Harden. His version is far more outlandish, and it certainly looks like he’s poking fun at James’ outfit from the finals. Picking that outfit on the night the Rockets played the Lakers was not done by mistake.

While this could be a joke by Harden, he needs to be careful going after James. The last thing you want to do is give the best player in the NBA extra motivation the night you’re going up against him.

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