James Harden: 'Right now I'm just focused on being here' with Rockets

The Houston Rockets guard spoke with the media for the first time since demanding a trade and addressed trips he made to Atlanta and Las Vegas while the team was opening training camp.

Video Transcript

- Do you still want the Rockets to trade you, and if so, why?

JAMES HARDEN: Right now, I'm just focused on being here. You know, today was good. Yesterday it felt really good being out there and the first time since the bubble. I haven't really had an opportunity to do a lot of five on five work. But for my first time being out there, I think I felt pretty good.

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- There's been so much change with this team. You've been with this team for eight years. How would you describe the last few months and just your overall perspective on where this basketball team is at right now?

JAMES HARDEN: There's a lot of changes in, obviously, the entire coaching staff, you know, some of the front office, a lot of the players. Now this is where we are. Coaches are doing an unbelievable job of just communicating with the guys and just putting the structure in and getting things going.

- James, what was the point that you were trying to get across when you went to Atlanta and Vegas when training camp was starting?

JAMES HARDEN: I was just training.


- What were you training for?

JAMES HARDEN: In start of the NBA season.

- How did going to Atlanta and Vegas help you there when the Rockets were starting training camp in Houston?

- Just my personal trainers.