James Gunn Maintains His DC Plans Are Coming This Month, But When?

 James Gunn directing Idris Elba in The Suicide Squad
James Gunn directing Idris Elba in The Suicide Squad

There are a lot of comic book movie fans who currently have their eyes on one James Gunn. He and Peter Safran were made the heads of DC Films back in November, and since then, the duo have reportedly been hard at work putting together a slate of projects to keep the franchise busy for the next several years. Gunn has promised us news in January, but time is running out.

James Gunn previously announced that the first details of what characters and stories will make up the first movies in this new era will come sometime in January. On the 20th of the month Gunn politely asked on Twitter that everybody to calm down, as he still had more than one-third of the month left. But it’s now been a few more days, so Gunn now has less than a week to make good on his promise.

To be fair, it only takes a single press release from Warner Bros. for everything Gunn has promised to happen, so that can certainly happen at any moment. There’s no need for this to be a massive presentation like we might expect to see if SDCC were on the horizon. That press release could even be already written, simply waiting for a few details to be confirmed before hitting send.

If that is what is happening, then we might actually expect the last day of January to be the date we’re waiting for. There could be contracts currently under negation, or offers to certain actors waiting to see if they accept them. If they have until the end of the month to finalize some deals, the announcement could very easily come last minute.

We’ve seen Jason Momoa make some comments on Instagram that, without revealing specifics, clearly hinted that he will be part of what’s coming next. Whatever news he was referring to had seemingly just happened, and so it's likely Gunn and Safran are in the middle of similar conversations with other actors. This can include both those that have been part of DC previously, like Momoa, and others who will likely be new.

We know that James Gunn is working on a Superman movie that will include an actor other than Henry Cavill in the role. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll get much in the way of details on that movie this month. It could very well be that project is further out. We know Gunn and Safran are working on the next 10 years of films, but they won’t be announcing the entire decade worth of plans this month.

We don't really know what else is planned for the future. But we do know that Wonder Woman 3 is in development hell and Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is not going to be returning in the short term, though a return down the road is not off the table.

If something had happened that was going to force a delay into February, James Gunn likely would have said so by now. He’s typically responsive and honest on social media. Since we haven’t heard that from him, it seems the previously announced plan is still in place. Fans will need to just keep paying attention. As the number of days in January get smaller, the likelihood of an announcement only gets bigger.