James Corden catapults fruit at Hilary Swank's and Shawn Mendes's moneymakers

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On The Late Late Show, host James Corden got Wednesday night guests Hilary Swank, Shawn Mendes, and Zach Woods to join him in a game of Flinch. Unlike Woods, who was basically wearing his martini afterward, Swank barely moved at all!

The game is simple. Each guest took a turn standing behind a sheet of glass, holding a martini (in 19-year-old Mendes’s case, a martini glass of milk), while Corden catapulted a piece of fruit directly at their face. Their challenge: Don’t flinch at all.

First up was Woods, who told Corden and the audience, “I got ice water in my veins.” But when Corden unexpectedly launched a piece of fruit at Woods mid-sentence, the actor jumped. In contrast, Swank looked supercool, calm, and collected as she stood behind the glass, even though she told Corden that she felt a bit nervous. “But you are such a badass,” Corden insisted. “There’s nothing you’re scared of.” Swank said that wasn’t true, and when Corden asked what frightens her, the actress responded, “Fruit being thrown out of your mouth at me.”

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Corden used the element of surprise with Swank and Woods, but he decided to mess with poor Mendes by building up the suspense. Not knowing exactly when Corden would shoot the dang avocado at him, the singer shared how uncomfortable the anticipation was making him.

In the end, Mendes didn’t let it get to him too much as he barely flinched, but it was still really fun to watch.

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