James Bradberry has high praise for Sean Desai’s new flexible defensive scheme

James Bradberry re-signed with the Eagles most for their excellent food at the training facility, but new defensive coordinator Sean Desai also played a role.

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While meeting with the local media on Wednesday, the All-Pro cornerback was asked about Philadelphia’s first-year defensive play caller.

Bradberry had high praise for the man and his scheme.

“He just seems like a smart guy,” Bradberry said in a Wednesday press conference. “He was able to teach the guys the philosophy and what not. There’s a lot of verbiage and stuff that’s being changed around, so I’m going to have to learn that. But that comes along with being under a smart guy.

“He’s going to have a good scheme that’s flexible and allows his guys to think and also make plays when you have smart players.”


Bradberry clarified that Desai’s scheme has been “pretty similar” to what things were under Gannon, but there are some new intricacies.

“Certain things change in certain coverages,” Bradberry said. “But, of course, when they install man [coverage] and stuff, man is man. As far as the zones and stuff, we might play some things a little differently.”

The Eagles finished last season ranked No. 1 in passing yards allowed, No. 2 in yards allowed, and No. 8 in points allowed.

If Desai can replicate those numbers, Philadelphia will return to the Super Bowl.

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