Jameer Nelson no longer likes Superman, does not mention Dwight Howard

A lot has changed in Orlando now that Dwight Howard is no longer a member of the Magic. Their expectations have gone way down, new players are being asked to step up, and the team culture is in the process of shifting. It's an ongoing process, and we're only starting to see some of the changes now.

Take, for instance, longtime Magic point guard Jameer Nelson. He and Howard entered the NBA together, so Nelson has known no other NBA reality than playing next to a dominant or soon-to-be-dominant big man. He will need to adjust, and we don't know exactly what or how much will change.

Earlier indications are that Nelson will change quite a bit, both on the court and in his personal preferences. In fact, he's even changed his favorite superhero. From John Denton of OrlandoMagic.com on Twitter (via PBT):

In all seriousness, it's easier to understand Nelson's change of heart. Superman is an iconic character, but he also can be a little dull in his ability to do literally anything as long as kryptonite is not around. And while that one weakness is meaningful, it's also largely external, more a function of circumstances than the character himself. I am sympathetic to the argument that the creation of Clark Kent gives Superman depth, but it doesn't hold up: Superman was raised as Clark Kent, and he professes belief in the human race so often that any animosity towards it would have to be buried incredibly deep in his subconscious. If Kryptonians even have a subconscious!

Wait, what's that? Dwight Howard uses "Superman" as a nickname? Well, that changes everything.

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