Ja'Marr Chase

Fearless Forecast: 1513 TOTAL YDS, 93 REC, 13 TD
Projected Rank: 3

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: So Ja'Marr Chase. He skipped a season. He had not the greatest summer last year. Didn't matter. Smashed the NFL in his rookie year. A little boom or bust in his game. You can say that about most receivers.

And obviously he had great chemistry carrying over with Joe Burrow. They made beautiful music together at LSU. Monster season. Burrow won the Heisman Trophy the last year they played together there, and Chase had 20 touchdowns. And, man, he was a walking touchdown in his NFL rookie year.

And now everything is pointing up. The offensive line has been upgraded. Chase into his second season. Higgins into his third season. Burrow into his third season. It's a narrow route tree here. I think Ja'Marr Chase should be a top-five pick in every fantasy draft, and he's my wide receiver three entering the teeth of the fantasy draft season.