Jamal Crawford says NBA competition for Steph Curry as easy as pro-am

Jessica Kleinschmidt
NBC Sports BayArea

Steph Curry is really good at basketball. 

OK, so that's not exactly breaking news. But for him, it doesn't seem to matter the level of competition he's playing against.

Back in 2014 during San Francisco's Pro-Am at Kezar Pavillion, fans attending got to witness the spectacle that was, and still is, Steph Curry.

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Veteran NBA guard Jamal Crawford saw some clips of young Steph during the event and had something to say about it:

Curry was going up against "regular hoopers," but I think it's safe to say, just as Crawford does, this is how he performs against his NBA colleagues as well.

His resume speaks for itself. Two-time MVP, six All-Star selections, three NBA championships. He was also the NCAA season-scoring leader back in 2009, so we must have known this from the very beginning. 

But, just for fun, we can relive what he did during that pro-am.

In what started with a Twitter rumor, turned into a 43-point performance by Steph.

And you all know the rest of the story … 

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76ers big man Al Horford also has been watching some Steph highlights during the NBA hiatus. He too had nothing but good things to say about one of the best shooters in the history of the game. 

Steph is special to watch now, just as he was back then.

Jamal Crawford says NBA competition for Steph Curry as easy as pro-am originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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