Jamal Adams torches NFL over fine for hitting Baker Mayfield: 'This league is a damn joke!'

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Jamal Adams is having a rough week.

The New York Jets Pro Bowl safety said he got benched during Monday’s 23-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns for misdiagnosing a play and took his frustrations out via social media.

On Wednesday, he learned that the NFL fined him $21,000 for a hit on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield that resulted in a roughing penalty.

Adams lays into NFL

He wasn’t happy about the call during the game. He appeared even less pleased with the fine and took a torch to the NFL in a heated Twitter post.

“This league is a damn joke!” Adams wrote. “I just got fined $21k for this hit, I signed up to play football not two hand touch. Bulls---! I don’t give a damn about these soft rules protecting QBs. Im gonna play MY brand of football everytime [sic] I step on the field. SMH”

He’s got a point

It’s easy to see why Adams is upset. Part of his job is putting pressure on the quarterback, and he just saw his paycheck docked for filling his job description.

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In slow motion, it looks kinda, sorta, maybe like he arrived a little late. In full speed, he arrived just after Mayfield released the ball.

At either speed, there’s no way to construe the hit as excessive. He barely shoved Mayfield with his left forearm. He took no extra liberties just because he had arrived at the quarterback.

Jamal Adams didn't hold back when criticizing the NFL for a "bulls---" fine. (Reuters)
Jamal Adams didn't hold back when criticizing the NFL for a "bulls---" fine. (Reuters)

From bad to worse?

But now he’s two days removed from an ugly loss that saw him flagged and benched and staring a $21,000 fine.

And he should probably brace for more feedback from the league for his reaction.

It’d be nice to say things will turn around for Adams.

But he still plays for the Jets. And the New England Patriots are waiting for them on Sunday.

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