Jalen Reagor drops 2 possible game-winning touchdowns for Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles lost 13-7 to the New York Giants on Sunday, giving up an important game to their hated division rivals. If you couldn't watch, don't worry — you didn't miss anything from either team. The Giants, in their first game in two years without offensive coordinator Jason Garrett (who was fired last week), barely managed to break 10 points. The Eagles and head coach Nick Sirianni seemingly forgot that running the ball is a recipe for success.

But that's not the only thing that will stick in the craws of Eagles fans. At the end of the game, needing just seven points to win as the clock ticked down, wide receiver Jalen Reagor dropped not one touchdown pass from quarterback Jalen Hurts, but TWO.

Here's the first one, which admittedly was a challenging over-the-shoulder grab. But Reagor got both his hands and his helmet on it, and that's the kind of ball a good receiver should catch.

The second drop is straight up egregious. The game was on the line. Reagor was open. He went up to get the ball. He got his hands on it. And then it just fell through his arms like it was coated in Vaseline.

If you don't remember who Jalen Reagor is, this should help jog your memory: He's who the Eagles drafted in 2020 just one pick before the Minnesota Vikings chose Justin Jefferson. Jefferson went on to set an NFL rookie record for receiving yards and made the Pro Bowl. Reagor is known for being drafted ahead of a massive talent that the Eagles either ignored or underrated, and also for not being very good.

A lot happened before those drops to put the Eagles in that must-win spot. Hurts threw three interceptions, two of which were in the end zone. Dallas Goedert and DeVonta Smith might as well have been inactive for all the action they got. And Nick Sirianni made enough questionable play calls to fill the Mariana Trench — including this one.

Smith didn't just want the ball. He demanded the ball. And on those final plays, who was targeted? Jalen Reagor. He dropped the ball twice and the Eagles lost back-to-back games to the Giants for the first time in 13 years.