Jalen Hurts in "sponge mode" learning new offense

The Eagles made several changes to their coaching staff after the disappointing end to their 2023 season, including a move to hire a new offensive coordinator for the second straight season.

Brian Johnson was let go and Kellen Moore was hired to overhaul the scheme that quarterback Jalen Hurts will be in charge of for the 2024 season. On Tuesday, Hurts spoke to reporters about Moore and he said he's "just in sponge mode" when it comes to grasping the system that the Ealges will be running.

"We’re just all excited," Hurts said. "I know they’re kinda finalizing some of the things. Crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s in terms of what it is exactly gonna be. I’m just all ears, I’m a sponge. I think there’s some beauty in that."

Hurts stressed the importance of building a strong foundation to the offense before he starts to put any of his own stamp on it. That process will play out over several months before the Eagles will be in Brazil to kick off the season against the Packers.