Jalen Hurts returns to Eagles-49ers after being evaluated for concussion in locker room

PHILADELPHIA – As the fourth quarter of the San Francisco 49ers-Philadelphia eagles game began, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts jogged off – to the locker room.

Hurts had spent several minutes in the medical tent, backup quarterback Marcus Mariota beginning to warm up before the third quarter ended.

No injury was announced but Hurts’ lower body did not appear impaired as he jogged to the tunnel. His right shoulder was slammed by 49ers linebacker Oren Burks as Burks and Warner tackled Hurts on a 5-yard scramble, and while his head did not obviously hit the ground from all replay angles, a press box announcer did say that Hurts was being evaluated “pursuant to the concussion protocol.”

Mariota began the Eagles' fourth quarter, completing two of three attempts for 16 yards while rushing twice for six yards. On his final of four plays, the Eagles dialed up their "Brotherly Shove" on fourth-and-1. Officials measured the chains as Hurts returned back to the field and began warming up. He was ready to return as they completed their measurement, determining Mariota's sneak had earned a first down.