Jalen Hurts has no thoughts on whether the QB push play should be banned

The Eagles have perfected the quarterback sneak, as augmented by the ability to push a player from behind. Many think the play should be taken out of the game.

On Wednesday, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was asked about the argument that the push play should be banned.

"I have no thoughts on it," Hurts said. "We're the only people that's doing it as well as we are. You know, [I] heard a guy wanted me hurt for it, too."

Although it's frowned upon in some circles to acknowledge the physical, violent aspect of football, the reality is that some teams will try to take full advantage of this opportunity to take a free shot at a quarterback who has surrendered all protections afforded to a passer, and who has become a runner. That's part of football, even if acknowledging it leads to attempts at cancellation.

Of course, the Eagles run the play so well that there's not much of a chance to even hit Hurts. Maybe someone could time the snap just right and fly over the pile, Troy Polamalu-style. (Tight end Dallas Goedert recently said that's likely the only way to stop the play.)

And here's the other reality. Even if the push aspect is banned — and it should be — the Eagles would still be able to execute quarterback sneaks successfully. They have the linemen, and Hurts has the abilities to slip through the cracks and gain that yard.