Jalen Hurts hasn't thrown a football since Sunday, says finger injury is progressing

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts hasn't thrown a football since Sunday's loss to the Giants, when he suffered a finger injury and left the game.

Asked today if he has attempted to throw this week, Hurts says he hasn't, but he also sounded optimistic about his availability for Monday night's playoff game against the Buccaneers.

"I have not. I have not. Obviously, leaving that game and attempting to go back in that game probably wasn't physically the best idea," Hurts said. "I can assure you everything's progressing in the right way."

Hurts said the finger hurt more the day after the game than it did when he initially injured it, and he said he's taking it day by day in his recovery.

"Everything is a challenge when you have a finger out of place."

The Eagles may have lucked out with the playoff schedule putting them in the Monday night slot, so Hurts' finger has extra time to heal compared to playing on Saturday or Sunday. The Eagles still hope to have a healthy Hurts in Tampa Bay.