Is Jalen Hurts on board with Eagles' "95 percent" new offense?

We posted the content of his comments on Thursday. We played them on Friday morning's PFT Live.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts said that the team's offense is "95 percent" new. Although he often comes off as relaxed and understated, his explanation of the dramatic changes to the team's offense arguably suggests that he's perhaps not particularly enthused.

That's not to say he should be jumping up and down. But there was no sense of excitement or anticipation when he was talking about the dramatic overhaul of the offense.

It could that Hurts wonders whether the next change will be him, if things don't improve in 2024.

There would obvious contractual complications. A significant cap hit would be unavoidable, in 2025 or 2026. Still, if the Eagles struggle (again) and if coach Nick Sirianni ends up being fired, the next coach might want a different quarterback than Hurts.

Thus, while the Eagles are still regarded as one of the most talented teams in football, the coaching staff has undergone significant changes. The offense will undergo a significant change. If these changes don't lead to better rules, more changes are inevitable.