Jalen Hurts after Eagles' blowout loss to Cowboys: 'You take you a deuce ... you flush it and move on'

Monday night was not a good night for the Philadelphia Eagles. Facing the Dallas Cowboys, their greatest rival, they folded like a card table and let Dallas stomp all over them in a 41-21 blowout loss.

Philly got seriously dominated, but one of the more concerning aspects of the loss was quarterback Jalen Hurts' performance, which was not great. He completed 25 of 39 passes for 326 yards, throwing two touchdowns but also two interceptions (one of which was a pick-six). Hurts looked lost and overmatched facing the Dallas defense, and so did Philly's offensive line.

What does a young quarterback say to the media after a loss and a performance like that? Hurts had the perfect words. He took responsibility, promised he and the team would learn from it, and then he dropped an all-timer of a quote.

"You take you a deuce, you don’t sit there and look at it," Hurts said. "You flush it and move on. We gonna flush it and move on."

Eagles fans are and will continue to be angry, upset, and embarrassed by Monday night's loss to the Cowboys. But at least they'll be able to smile after finding out that Hurts compared the Eagles' performance to poop, because let's face it, that's exactly what it was.