Jalen Carter tries to intercept Patrick Mahomes’ clock-killing spike

The quarterback spike to kill the clock is a common play. Occasionally, as Dan Marino did in 1994, you’ll get a fake spike for a touchdown pass. Or, as Bailey Zappe of the New England Patriots discovered this season, a fake spike can lead to a game-killing interception.

Most of the time, the defense isn’t trying to make a play on those spikes, but Philadelphia Eagles rookie defensive tackle Jalen Carter had a different idea with three seconds left in the first half of Monday night’s game between the Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes spiked the ball at the Eagles’ 25-yard line, and Carter tried to dive under center Creed Humphrey to catch the spike before it hit the ground.

Which, had it been successful, would have been quite the remarkable play.

As former NFL receiver Dominique Foxworth once said on Kevin Clark’s podcast, legendary Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed had the same idea once upon a time.

It didn’t quite work for the Eagles, and Harrison Butker kicked a 43-yard field goal to put the Chiefs up, 17-7.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire