Jalen Carter is a perfect pick for Philadelphia Eagles | PFF Draft Show

The Pro Football Focus live draft show explains why they love the selection by the defending NFC champions.

Video Transcript

- So, it's going to be interesting now, the Chicago Bears coming up here as well.

- Not anymore.

- Well, it's not the Chicago Bears.

- Uh oh.

- Philly just traded with them at number 10. So, it's just a pick swap from nine to ten. Eagles give a fourth round pick to the Chicago Bears. One, Jalen Carter is still on the board.

- It's got to be the pick.

- I don't know if it's going to be the pick.

- It's going to.

- I don't have that in. But--

- Yeah, it's the pick.

- Wow.

- Holy smokes.

- Yeah, it's got to be the pick.

- Look at the Eagles!

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- We lost a bet, didn't we?

- We failed.

- We nailed it.

- We lost a bet.

- The rest of the NFL failed. They let this happen. They let one team in the NFL draft Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter in years back to back.

- But this is why last year at this time, we said-- this should have been the Saints. This was the Saints' pick. This is why last year at this time, we said the Eagles are winning the draft, because they traded for five-- all these extra picks with the Saints, so that they could do this. This is why the Cardinals-Texans thing, like, that's why I was so passionate about the Cardinals winning that draft. A year from now, we're going to say the Cardinals got this pick that they just traded for.

So the Eagles front office was so good last year, got them to the Super Bowl, making all the right moves. This is still the fallout from the moves they made last year, the fact that they get the best football player in the draft in Jalen Carter. Figure out what happens off the field and all that stuff, but you add him to that Philly defensive line. He immediately replaces Javon Hargrave. He can probably put up a 90 pass rush grade in year one, the same way Hargrave did. Carter's awesome. And he goes to an already awesome defensive line in Philly.

- I think the Philadelphia Eagles, you want to make somebody a Super Bowl favorite going in. Because this is a team. Fletcher Cox is getting older. They lost Hargrave, but they got both cornerbacks back. This is a football team that is going to draft defensive linemen and offensive linemen. And they're going to win championships.

I said it in the opening on camera, when they were in the Super Bowl in 2017. I go, this team had the best offensive line, the best defensive line in football, and they just keep firing back the same way. And they just got a guy that is perfect for here, because he doesn't play a lot of snaps. He's the guy that-- at least at Georgia, and I know they don't play that much. But he is somebody that if you can keep his snaps under 40, those 40 snaps are going to be destructive.

I mean, he can literally pick you up and throw you into the quarterback. And then the next snap, do a triple move to get around you and arm over you with quickness. He can play on the edge. He's a fantastic football player. And in Philadelphia, they will welcome him in there. He's going to fit. It is such a perfect pick for Philadelphia. I thought they might trade up way earlier than that--

- To go get him?

- To go get him.

- Yeah.

- I really did.

- They gave up a fourth. And the Bears-- I'm assuming the Bears weren't going to take Carter, so they said, sure.

- Clearly.

- Give us the fourth.