Jalen Brunson-led Knicks embrace 'next man' approach without Julius Randle

The Knicks came together in Monday's 13-92 win Monday at the Charlotte Hornets, doing so without Julius Randle and OG Anunoby as Jalen Brunson led the team with a game-high 32 points.

"It's definitely a plus when you can win on the road, no matter who's on the court," said Brunson, who was 13-of-24 shooting with four rebounds and seven assists in 34 minutes as New York (30-17) secured its seventh straight victory. "Obviously, we're going to miss (Randle). But we've got to continue to find ways to get better, every single day -- no matter who's out there, no matter who we're playing -- just have that mindset, every single day."

Exactly how much longer the Knicks will go without Randle is unclear, and the competition moving forward figures to step up from the lowly Hornets (10-35), but Tom Thibodeau saw flashes of what the Knicks can be as a group.

"Everyone's capable of playing good defense, everyone's capable of rebounding the ball well, everyone's capable of taking care of the ball and not turning it over but sharing the ball," Thibodeau said. "If you're open, shoot it. If you're not open, make a play for your teammate. And when we do that, we can beat anyone."

Tuesday's return to MSG against the Utah Jazz, who are coming off Monday's 147-114 loss at the Nets, is the start of a six-game homestand and New York's next test.

"We've got to find a way," Brunson said. "Our mentality's always 'next man' mentality and just collectively being better as a group."