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Jake Paul says brother Logan Paul is 'f---ed' in boxing match against Floyd Mayweather

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Even Logan Paul’s family thinks fighting Floyd Mayweather is a terrible idea. Jake Paul ripped his brother’s ability to fight, saying Logan is “f---ed” against Mayweather, according to TMZ.

That wasn’t the only thing Jake said about the fight, which he believes is “bad for the sport” and “for clout.” Jake Paul also said he was the “real fighter” in the family, not Logan.

Caution: Video contains NSFW language.

If you’ve been living your life completely unaware of the Paul brothers and this fight, we envy you. If you hate yourself enough to want to learn more, please continue reading.

Jake and Logan Paul are YouTube personalities who have dabbled in boxing in recent years. In 2018, Logan Paul fought YouTuber KSI. The fight — which ended in a draw — brought in over 750,000 viewers. The two fought again a year later. Paul lost that fight.

Somehow, that has led to Logan Paul taking on Mayweather in February. Mayweather announced the exhibition match — which will take place Feb. 20 — on social media in December. Most boxing experts feel it’s a terrible move by Paul ... and awful for the sport. Jake Paul apparently agrees.

Jake Paul dreams of fighting Conor McGregor

Jake Paul saying he’s the best fighter in the family is similar to trying to choose your favorite Creed song. If all the options are bad, is it really worth thinking about?

Still, Jake Paul has fought more recently than his brother. In November, Jake Paul “defeated” former NBA player Nate Robinson in a farcical boxing match that was widely panned by all who watched it. Based on that — and a few other fights — Jake Paul believes he’s a better fighter than Logan.

Regardless of who is better, both brothers have delusions of grandeur when it comes to their skill. Following his “win” over Robinson, Jake Paul called out Conor McGregor. While that fight probably isn’t happening, Jake Paul could still fight against a UFC great.

Amanda Nunes has expressed interest in stepping into the ring with Jake Paul.

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