Jake Paul claims he makes more money than every UFC fighter combined

Jake Paul is plotting his next move (Getty Images)

Jake Paul has claimed he makes more money than “every UFC fighter combined” – including Conor McGregor.

The YouTuber has gone 5-0 as a professional boxer in recent years and has beaten former UFC champion Tyron Woodley twice in the last four months.

Paul, 24, outpointed the 39-year-old in August then knocked Woodley out cold last Saturday.

He has since called out a number of UFC stars, including Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman.

“I make more than every UFC fighter f*****g combined, including Conor,” Paul said on his brother Logan’s podcast.

“Y’all work for f*****g Dana [White, UFC president], y’all work for WME, Endeavor – that’s who you work for.

“I make more than all of you silly motherf******s. Why would I go into the UFC, sign a contract and give away my f*****g rights and s***?” Paul continued, referring to Masvidal’s suggestion that the YouTuber fight him under mixed martial arts rules.

“I own my content, I own my platform, I own everything; they don’t own s***, they are literally employees.

“I’m a f*****g CEO and every UFC fighter is an employee. Get that straight. I’m not coming over there and doing s*** with y’all.”

Paul is reported by Manchester Evening News to have earned around $5million for his first fight with Woodley, while McGregor is estimated by MMA Salaries to have made $3.6m for his trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier in July.