Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘90s-tastic high school boy band

Superfan TV

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Conan Thursday to promote his new movie, Stronger. Conan had some fun with Jake when he brought up a Twitter account called Jake Doing Things, where the user just posts funny pictures of Jake doing things.

Some of the posts include “Jake laughing at his sandwich” which had three pictures of the actor laughing while eating a sandwich on the patio at a cafe. Jake joked that he didn’t know what the big deal was, adding, “Sandwiches are hilarious.”

Another was “Jake Gyllenhaal amazed by the snow” which had two pictures of Jake with snow falling around him. Although, the actor claimed that it wasn’t snow, saying, “Now, someone was sprinkling cocaine. So, like, you would be amazed, too.”

The last one Conan pointed out was “Jake Gyllenhaal in a high school boy band called Holeshot,” which had what looked like an album cover of Jake and his four bandmates. Jake admitted that he was, actually, in a boy band in high school. Although, Holeshot never quite took off like N*SYNC or The Backstreet Boys, and Jake might know the reason why. When Conan asked him if they were any good, Jake just kinda cleared his throat and changed the topic.

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