Jahan Dotson recruiting Micah Parsons to join him on the Commanders

It was reported yesterday that the Washington Commanders were hiring former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator and former Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn.

Former Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons was drafted the same year Quinn took over the defense in Dallas, and both were a huge part in leading a resurgent Cowboys defense. With Parsons and Quinn in the fold, the Cowboys were a top-5 defense in the past three seasons.

Parsons is known for his quips with the media, and a few weeks ago, Parsons was asked about Quinn’s future, as many suspected his name to be at the top of many teams’ shortlists.

“Dan’s my guy,” Parsons said via “And if he do leave me, it’s always love. He might take me with him, you never know.”

Parsons, who will be in the market for a new contract this summer, said this while laughing right next to Jerry Jones’s office. Jones and the Cowboys will have no intention of getting rid of their best player, but Parsons’ fondness for Quinn was well taken.

Once the news broke of the Commander’s new head coach, former Penn State and current Washington wide receiver Jahan Dotson went to social media to try and recruit his former college teammate.

Obviously, no one except perhaps desperate Commanders fans should take this seriously. Parsons is a Cowboy, and every sign points to him being there for the foreseeable future. But we can all get behind two former Nittany Lions having some fun banter.

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Story originally appeared on Nittany Lions Wire