Jahan Dotson ‘fired up’ about Eric Bieniemy, loves Sam Howell

The Washington Commanders found themselves a future star in former Penn State wide receiver Jahan Dotson in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft. While Dotson’s receiving numbers were modest, he missed five games with an injury but still led the Commanders with seven touchdown receptions.

Now, Dotson heads into year two excited about his team, from new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to his classmate, quarterback Sam Howell.

Dotson was a guest on “Grant and Danny” on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday and discussed Bieniemy and Howell.

“I was fired up,” Dotson said regarding Bieniemy’s hiring, per Chris Lingebach of Audacy. “To be able to work with such a great mind who’s had so much success at the highest level of football, it’s definitely pretty cool to be able to work with someone like that. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity just to pick his brain a little bit and just be able to be a sponge.”

While Dotson met Bieniemy at his introductory press conference along with several other teammates, including Terry McLaurin, Howell and Brian Robinson Jr., the coach and player weren’t talking football as it is not allowed until April.

When the talk turned to Howell, Dotson has all the belief in the world that the former UNC passer can become the quarterback for a long time.

“That’s my guy. I keep using the word excited because I am truly excited,” Dotson said. “I can’t wait for the opportunity for Sam. You know, he had a different rookie year than I did. He got to sit back and learn the ropes of the NFL through two very good veterans in his room, in Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke.”

Dotson then praised Howell’s arm strength and accuracy.

“He has all the talent in the world,” Dotson said. “Literally, he can make every single throw on the football field, and he makes it look effortless. We always say when we were at practice and stuff, you know, he looks so cool in the pocket. Like he makes it look very effortless, the throws that he makes.”

When head coach Ron Rivera or Bieniemy praises Howell, you can take it as coach-speak — for now, anyway. That’s not to say they don’t like and believe in Howell, but they need to win. As a second-year passer with only 19 career passes under his belt, there will be growing pains with Howell.

However, when McLaurin, Dotson and others rave about Howell, they are serious. That doesn’t mean Howell will succeed, but the tools are there and his team believes in him. That goes a long way.

You can listen to the entire segment below. It’s worth your time.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire